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Our Dollars Matter


Now more than ever before, it is crucial that the we all play our part in strengthening our community. With a continuous mistreatment of African Americans in this country, we have been left no choice but to make our voices heard through protests. We must also exercise our right to vote and value our economic power. We need all the leverage possible to influence change here. 

Our Black dollars need to circulate within our community, we need to retain our power. I am sharing here a list of Black Marketplaces, Business Directories, & Social Media Platforms to help us find and support black businesses, and interact freely with each other. As the owner of YaYa+Rule, I also see the opportunity to reach potential customers.




Business Directories:


Social media platforms:

Bean Now app



We all need to do our part. 

Black Lives Matter. 

Black Dollars Matter. 


Yasmine, owner of YaYa+Rule (African print-inspired apparel for men and women)


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